Installation and Maintenance

From Zebra Bowstrings:
We are confident that Zebra Bowstrings are the best performing bowstrings in the world.
With proper care and maintenance, your Zebra bowstrings will maximize your potential as a
bowhunter or target shooter.

Care and Maintenance:
It is essential to inspect your bowstring regularly for excessive scuffing or cutting. To prevent
premature wear, we recommend waxing your bowstring frequently with Zebra High
Performance String Wax. Doing so will also protect your string against water and soil saturation.
The wax should be applied generously to the entire length of the bowstring and wiped to a
smooth finish. A well-maintained bowstring will last much longer and perform much better
than an abused bowstring. We recommend replacing your bowstring every 2 years.

Peep Installation:
Installing a peep sight is a complicated process and should only be performed by a professional
with the assistance of a bow press. Prior to peep installation, a bowstring should be shot at
least 20 times to help settle the bowstring. To ensure proper installation, procedures outlined
by the peep sight manufacturer should be referenced. For a balanced peep, the bundles of
strings must be separated equally. After installation, check for alignment and rotation by pulling
the bowstring to full draw. In the event that a peep is not aligned, the peep may be moved up
or down on the bowstring, or the bowstring may be twisted to align the peep. After achieving
proper alignment, follow the instructions of the peep sight manufacturer to secure the peep
sight to the bowstring.

Twisting Your Bowstring:
Zebra Bowstrings are manufactured with the finest modern materials available. Nevertheless,
your bowstring may elongate slightly during its initial break-in period. Therefore, you may need
to place extra twists in the string to return your bow to its proper specifications. Twisting a
bowstring should only be performed by a professional with the assistance of a bow press.
Zebra Bowstrings is not responsible for any damages incurred by improper use of this product.

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