Ordering Info

Please read this before ordering.

-Please make sure you are ordering the correct bowstring length as custom bowstrings are not returnable. You are responsible for making sure you supply us the correct lengths.

-If we see something that does not look correct on your order we will contact you by email and let you know.

-To ensure no delay in shipment, please make sure to select the correct pricing option when ordering strings. For example, if you need a 55″ Zebra String, make sure to use the Under 70″ String box and not the 70″ and over.

-We ask that you put the Manufacturer and Model for serving placement purposes. Model Year helps a lot as well.

-Ordering is placed on a secure server.

-Bowstrings Unlimited highly values your privacy and in no way distributes your information to any 3rd parties.

-Current shipping time: Orders are usually shipped 2-3 Business days after you place your order.

-Returns: Please Contact us if you need to return anything so that we can issue you an RA #. Failure to do so may result in delays. Please make sure you order exactly what you need as custom bowstrings are non- refundable.

-We cannot order strings for recurve bows.

-Oneida bows tend to be very hard on bowstrings unless the string loops are served. Zebra does not serve the loops so we recommend against placing Zebra/Tiger strings on your Oneida. If you wish to do so, we will not refund your string if it becomes damaged by the bow limbs.